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January 4, 1942

The building was dedicated on a cold January 4th in 1942.  Over the past 80 years Frank Lloyd Wright’s design has gained iconic stature within Kansas City and beyond. However, preserving the building requires ongoing financial support.  Your contribution will be applied to the “80-Years” fund which will help assure the building continues to thrive and serve the community for the next 80 years and well into the future.

80th Anniversary

Historic Structures Report

Wright on Main is currently seeking funds to complete an Historic Structures Report, an essential document in guiding decisions around long term care and maintenance of the building. With such a report, priorities can be set and strategically achieved. STRATA Architects, a Kansas City-based historic architecture and preservation firm, is developing the report. Currently $21,960 has been raised.  $24,650 is now required to finalize the work, budgeted at $46,610.


Steeple of Light

Wright on Main’s first priority was refurbishing the Dale Eldred-designed Steeple of Light.

Goal met! Thank you for your generous support!

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